ProMediaGear - PMG-Duo 4' Slider

The PMG-DUO 4' slider combines both straight and curved tracks into a single slider body. This dual-action design lets you add traditional slider moves, or dynamic parabolic moves simply by flipping the slider.

If you want to use the curved side, mount the straight side on your tripod or stand, and the curved side will be on top. Likewise, mount the curved side on your tripod/stand, and the straight side will be on top. If you want to place the slider on the ground or other surface, the built-in legs on the ends adjust to support either side, curved or straight. Moreover, each leg is independently adjustable for leveling the slider on uneven terrain, and both fold for compact storage inside the included carrying case.

The PMG-DUO offers multiple mounting options. There's a 3/8"-16 threaded hole at the center of both the curved and straight sides, and there are also multiple 1/4"-20 threads across both sides. Additionally, 5/8" baby pin support is provided on both ends of the slider, in either curved or straight mode for mounting on stands.

For increased strength and durability, the tracks are CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. The carriage clamps onto either the straight or curved sides of the track and features three aluminum wheels with precision roller bearings inside each wheel for low resistance and smooth sliding motion. A large knob releases the carriage from the track, for attachment to the other side, while a smaller knob locks it into place.