F&V - R720S Ring Light - LED

The R720S has a 290mm center opening that allows it to be used with any size cinema lens. An included baby pin stand mount allows you to attach the fixture to a stand which is ideally suited for photographers. A 15mm LWS and 19mm rail mount allows the R720 to seamlessly integrate into your professional, cinema work flow.

Reap all the benefits the R720S has to offer. When you're not in need of a ring light, the incredible power of the 720 LEDs allows you to use the light off camera as a standalone LED fixture. Half of the LEDs are Tungsten (3200K) balanced while the other half are Daylight (5600K) balanced. A dedicated dial on the back allows you to seamlessly dial in color temperatures anywhere in between 3200K to 5600K. The unit can be powered by two, NP-F Li-ion batteries which means you can take it anywhere you go. Two NP-F 770 batteries (not included) will power the R720 up to 1.5 hours at full power.

Due to its large size, the R720S not only creates gorgeous catchlights in the eyes of your talent, but also it wraps around their face with even, beautiful illumination.