Chimera - OctaPlus Light Bank

The Chimera OctaPlus Light Bank softbox has a soft silver interior with a graduated baffle for very even light spread.  Ohio HD offers the OctaPlus in a fixed 3 ft. diameter, as well as a 5 ft. diameter with included 7 ft. expansion kit.  The 7 ft. expansion kit allows conversion of the standard 5 ft. light bank to the 7 ft. light bank in just a few minutes, with no tools. This unique design gives you two light banks in one.

The entire Chimera OctaPlus family is compatible with strobes or continuous light sources, up to the following wattages based on size:

  • 3 ft. - 500W
  • 5 ft. - 1,200W
  • 7 ft. - 1,500W