ARRI - M18 - 1800W - HMI

ARRI's M18 HMI Lamp Head is an open-face, lens-less, improved efficiency head built to work with the 1800W SE HMI lamp, which has an average life of 750 hours, a luminous efficacy of 92 lumens/watt, and a CRI greater than 90 at 6000K. DMX control and Active Line Filter together produce much more effective light source in an already very impressive fixture. The M18 combines the best aspects of a Par and a Fresnel, creating diverging rays of light to produce a very crisp shadow. This lamp head has a beam angle (HPA) of 20 to 60°, with a wide usable field angle.

At 120V AC single-phase, this unit draws 15A.  We highly suggest using a 20A circuit, and do not guarantee operation on a 15A circuit. This light will likely trip a 15A circuit breaker.