Dedolight - DLED4-BI - 3-Light Kit

The Dedolight functionality has long held it's place in the lighting world. Great for peppering in splashes of light, to a quick run-and-gun 3 point light setup they are a great tool to have in the kit. To one-up themselves, Dedolight has taken their fixtures to LED offering 3200K-6000K and fully dimmable units.

Package Includes:

  • 3x Mobile DLED4.1-BI LED Head Units
  • 3x Mobile DT4.0-1BI Power Supply (90-260VAC)
  • 3x 8 Leaf Barndoor Set
  • 3x Light Shield Ring
  • 2x Mini Speed Ring Adapter for DLH4, 4P, DLH4M-300
  • 2x Dedoflex Mini Softbox
  • 2x Fabric Grid for MINI - 40 Degree
  • DP1.1 Imager Projection Attachment with 85mm f/2.8 Lens
  • Dedo Gobo Holder for DP-1, Holds "M" Size Gobos
  • 6x Steel Gobo Set, Size M *Package may vary
  • Mounting Plate with 5/8" Baby Pin
  • Light Clamp
  • 3x Light Stand DCHDKA1
  • Heavy-Duty Transport Case