Laowa - 24mm Macro Probe Lens

The Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe from Venus Optics is a truly unique lens designed for extreme macro photography and video.  The lens provides full-frame sensor coverage, with an equivalency of 38.4mm on APS-C sensors.  With a minimum focus distance of just 7mm (0.27"), you are certain to get some incredibly up-close shots.

A built-in LED ring light is featured at the front of the lens to help light up those hard to reach places, or even underwater, as the front portion of this lens is waterproof!  The front diameter of the lens measures in at a slender 0.8", allowing the lens to fit into areas otherwise impossible.

The 24mm focal length provides a greater depth of field in comparison to typical telephoto macro lenses, affording you more detail in the background behind your subject.  The manual focus and iris rings are "cine-modded" with gears for follow focus and FIZ compatibility.

*Available in both PL and EF lens mounts*