Fujinon Cabrio - 19-90mm

Fujunon's premiere lightweight cinema zoom lens. Fujinon's Cabrio 19-90 PL T/2.8 zoom brings ENG-style shooting to the world of large sensor digital video. Its lightweight and detachable powered zoom rocker lets you comfortably shoulder a camera like the ARRI Amira, Sony Venice, or Sony FX9 with the control of a zoom rocker at your fingertips. Back focus adjustment is available on the lens to ensure proper lens calibration throughout your shoot. A 114mm front allows the use of many of the same lens accessories (clip-on sunshades /ring lights /etc.) as standard ENG lenses. Remove the zoom rocker and you have a full-featured cine zoom that covers the RED Epic's full frame 5K sensor. The .08 focus gearing and 200-degree focus rotation means you'll have precise focus marks with any cine follow focus. LDS and i/data connection pins will relay communicate with supporting cameras as well. Whether you're shooting handheld in a run-and-gun situation, or performing intricate dolly moves in a studio, the Cabrio 19-90mm will keep up to the challenge.