Para 88 kit

The Para 88 is a 34" parabolic reflector built like an umbrella with 24 braces and specular silver coating on the inside. The precise rear-firing device is optimized for operation with Pulso G, Unilite, Litos, Picolite, Mobite 2 lamp with Pulso adapter, Pulso Twin, Pulso 8, and Ringflash P flash heads. It may also be used with the Broncolor 200/400/HMI 575.800 daylight lamp heads as well as Kobold DW200 and DW400 HMI heads. Due to the calculated parabolic form of the reflector, light fall-off only occurs at the Para's extreme edge. The real signature look, however, is produced by the reflector's ability, almost paradoxically, to produce soft and hard light quality at the same time. This can easily be seen in fashion shooting. Add to that, the fact that the effect is controllable in intensity by focusing and defocusing the light source within the reflector, and you've got a light-shaper that's hard to beat.

This version of the Para is rear-firing and has an F-type rod, meaning that its optional flash head points in towards the back of the reflector. Those looking for front firing should purchase the FT rod or a kit that comes with it.