Intellytech - Light Cannon - LED

The F-485 Light Cannon is the most powerful Fresnel unit in Intellytech's LED line, providing the user with an immense amount of light via its 485 Watt LED output. It's equivalent to a 3,500w quartz light but remains completely cool and has considerably more features and controls. The Light Cannon Bi-Color Series has a super wide color range from 3000k - 8000k, making it perfect for today's high-end video cameras. The F-485 provides the user with a high degree of control via the light's focusable fresnel lens and barn-door combination.The light can be transferable anywhere from 20 degrees to 70 degrees and the barn-doors allow you to further shape your light.It provides a powerful, high quality light output and creates beautiful color rated at 95-99 CRI/TLCIat various degrees in its 3,000-8000k range. This unit is the ideal combination of classic Fresnel characteristics and all the advantages of the latest LED technology.