Duclos - PL Extension Tube

An original Duclos Lenses design, the 15mm extension tube allows you to decrease the minimum focus of your PL mount lens to achieve results similar to unique macro lenses. While wide to mid-focal length lenses benefit most from this product, the Duclos PL Extension Tube can be used on just about any PL mount lens. Decrease the minimum focus distance to within a few inches of the front element while maintaining optimal image quality. Designed and manufactured in the USA by Duclos Lenses, the stainless steel components, precision tolerances, and optically flat internal surface finish are meticulously married to reduce stray light and ensure the highest quality is maintained. Works with S35 and FF format lenses and cameras. Available in 15mm, 20mm, and 35mm extension tubes. Can be stack-able for up to 70mm of extension for the most dramatic close-up effect with even the longest focal length lenses.

*The PL Extension tubes do NOT work with anamorphic lenses*