Remote Audio - Speak Easy - PoweRED Speaker

The SPEAKEASY is a self-contained, compact, high quality, battery-poweRED speaker with tons of versatility. Give this little guy two 9-volt batteries and you're good for a full production day or more of audio or instrument monitoring and communication situations, with high fidelity and lots of volume. It advances the series to a new level of performance, delivering much more volume than earlier models. Its newly designed 12-Watt amplifier is loud - with more than enough volume for typical remote broadcast production, film/video production sound cards, video assist carts, and portable editing systems. The SPEAKEASY has two inputs (Line & Mic) and a master volume control/power switch conveniently located on the front. Solidly made with a cast aluminum enclosure, the unit is small enough to hide on the set and rugged enough to pack in a case with the rest of your gear. The SPEAKEASY's drivers are magnetically shielded, allowing operation near video monitors without distorting the picture.