Photek - SoftLighter Umbrella

This redesigned umbrella from Photek is a quick and easy way to get a soft, flattering light source for your subjects.  The 10 panel construction (instead of the typical 8) provides tighter support for the fabric that results in more controllable output and refined circular catchlights in your subjects' eyes.  A removable diffuser turns this umbrella into an instant softbox, and accepts flash heads that are 7.25" or less in diameter.  The inside of the umbrella contains a white reflective fabric that is free of contaminates that could potentially add unwanted coloration to your light output.  The 8mm shaft is fully removable, or you can remove only a portion of the shaft to work the light even closer to your subject.  The 36" and 46" include both silver and gold reflectors. 

*Available in 36", 46", and 60" diameters*