Canon - L-Series Primes

Marked by the tell-tale red band around the barrel of each lens, Canon’s professional L-Series is renowned for its exceptional mastery over mechanical and optical design. These lenses are tough, many with rubber weather seals in place to prevent contamination from dust, dirt, or moisture. They each contain a combination of ultra or super low-dispersion glass, as well as fluorite and aspheric elements. In addition to effectively reducing unintentional distortions such as blur, haze, and chromatic aberration, these high-quality elements expertly render accurate color detail and contrast. Non-rotating front elements make it easier to adjust and use circular polarizer filters, for optimal results. Most implement a ring-type ultrasonic motor, which makes autofocus smooth and lightning fast. It also gives you the option of full-time manual focusing, which means you can still adjust manually without needing to switch out of AF mode. Superior optics make for an overall faster, sharper lens that simply outperforms many outside of the L-Series.

We offer 5 Canon L-Series Primes from 24mm to 100mm.

Available individually, or in a package of 5 lenses.