Operating Exemptions

We are operating under the following exemptions from the: State of Ohio: Stay at Home Order

• 12A: CISA List> Public Works > Communication> "Workers who support radio, television, and media service,..."
• 12F: Media: Newspapers, television, radio, and other media services.
• 12Q:
 Supplies for Essential Businesses and Operations. Businesses that sell, manufacture, or supply other Essential Businesses and Operations with the support or materials necessary to operate, including computers, audio and video electronics, household appliances; IT and telecommunication equipment; hardware, paint, at glass; electrical, plumbing and heating material; sanitary equipment; personal hygiene products; food, food additives, ingredients and components; medical and orthopedic equipment; optics and photography equipment; diagnostics, food and beverages, chemicals, soaps and detergent; and rearm and ammunition suppliers and retailers for purposes of safety and security;

We ask our customers to be an Essential Business with Essential Communication as determined by their understanding of the Stay at Home Order.