Countryman - B2D - Directional Lavalier

The Countryman B2D Directional Lavalier features an ultra-lightweight 0.18-ounce body that was designed to be discreetly mounted. It is set to Countryman's Gray Band sensitivity for chest miking. The B2D is commonly used for miking news anchors, talent in a film or theater setting, or lecturers in a school setting or house of worship.

Featuring a hypercardioid pattern, the B2D rejects surrounding noise with a six to ten greater decibel reduction than an omnidirectional pattern. This results in decreased feedback, ambient noise and phase cancellation when using multiple microphones.

The B2D is terminated to a Switchcraft TA5F connector and is designed to work with Lectrosonics SM Series, UMa Series, and LMa series wireless transmitters.